West Oakland, CA : #tbt to a pretty funny text my roommate Glenn recieved…

Oakland, CA : Jamaica’s kittens after their first visit to the vet!

Cat Man Goes To Japan

Starting March 31st, the Cat Man goes to Japan! Check back in here, or follow along via Instagram as we check out cat cafes, cat islands, and take in all the sites and sounds Japan has to offer! Huge thanks to Sean Wells for coming along and documenting this crazy cat-venture, I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling buddy, or more talented friend!

Arigatou gozaimasu!

>^. .^<

All videos shot and cut by Sean Wells

Excited to announce I’ll be co-hosting this year’s #OakCatVidFest! Get your tickets at www.oaklandcatvidfest.com >^. .^<

Misato-Miyagi, Japan : The owner of the fabric shop was so nice, she even gave Sean and I these little felt ball cats!

Misato Miyagi, Japan : Had an hour to kill between trains to Ishinomaki, so we wandered around, and found a few cats in a fabric shop.

Fukuoka, Japan : Am I crazy or do these power lines look like cat heads?

Fukuoka, Japan : Really cool way for cats to get into the litter-box/people-free room at Cat Cafe Moka.

Fukuoka, Japan : Cafe Keurig

Double Tall Cafe : Harajuku, Japan