I've been producing cat themed content for the last 5 years, and recently started working with other brands and organizations. My work has been used by @kittenxlady, @cats_of_instagram, @catcampnyc, @eatlikealion, @cattownoak, and my own page @catmanofwestoakland. I also volunteer for Oakland Animal Services, taking photos and producing videos for adoptable dogs, cats, and more! If you're interested in collaborating on a project, drop me a line at catmanofwestoakland@gmail.com!


Kitten Lady: Rescuing Chloe, a Paralyzed Kitten

When we went to the shelter to rescue a neonatal kitten, we had no idea we would also be leaving with a kitten with rear leg paralysis. This video documents our first week with Chloe as we sought answers about her condition and began treatment.

Produced and Edited

Catcations: Cat Man Goes To Japan

Meet the Cat Man of West Oakland as he embarks on a trek from Oakland to Tokyo, and learn about his aspirations of bringing the first cat cafe in the USA to Oakland, CA.

Written and Produced

Catcations: Cat Man Across Ameowica - LA, CA

In the first installment of Cat Man Across Ameowica, the Cat Man heads to Los Angeles, where we visit Kitten Rescue LA, the NKLA Adoption Center, and the Best Friend's LA shelter!

Written and Produced